AutoHotKey is a not very well-known, but very useful utility

AutoHotKey is an open source utility. This program was created so that beginners could easily simplify any tasks that are constantly repeated. In other words, you can assign each phrase or task a specific hotkey that will be responsible for its action.

This program has its own scripting language. With it, you can easily set hotkeys, both on the keyboard and on any other auxiliary device (mouse, joystick, etc.).

The scripts themselves are text files that have the extension .ahk.

The program package, in addition to AutoHotKey itself, also includes a utility that is designed to compile scripts into exe files. This will allow you to run them on any computer with the Windows operating system installed. The only thing is that the launch will be possible only when the program supports the OS version. Also, in addition to the sources themselves, you can include other files in the created file, which will be extracted at startup.

This program can be used to simulate the actions of the keyboard and other auxiliary devices. The program's own scripting language allows you to work with windows, folders, even the clipboard. And at the same time, each command is called by its own, certain hotkey.

Most often, this utility is used in the following cases:

  • Change the assignment of keys. Perform both globally and locally, for different programs separately.
  • Reassign the keys from the mouse to the keyboard. As a result of this, you can easily and conveniently work on the keyboard without using a mouse.
  • Establish automatic processes that may be necessary for the user. These include performing a backup at a certain time, checking your computer for viruses, or alerting you to an upcoming event.

The creation of this program was not planned and we can say that it happened by accident. The author of the AutoIt project, proposed to create a utility that would have closer support for the GC. But, the team abandoned this venture, after which the author decided to independently create the program AutoHotKey Classic. Unfortunately, the author did not have enough ambitions, a lot of finances to continue the development of this program. And at the moment, he's not in the business of supporting her.

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